Be Well and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Our Concept

The concept of Mirror & Co was developed while I was visiting the beautiful Vancouver city in February, 2015.  Between commuting, working all the time, and  simultaneously getting a realtor’s  license, I barely have any time to feel good about myself. This trip has changed everything. Being influenced and inspired by the healthy living concepts and lifestyles from the lovely people in Vancouver, I decided to stay and build up this unique, breathable, and Green place that could help to enhance the natural beauty of people inside and out, improving their health and well-being, making them look better, ultimately feeling better. 

Commitment to Best Sanitization Practice:

At Mirror & Co, we take the health and well being of our clients ( and staff ) very seriously and always make sure to take the appropriate steps to ensure that our tools are cleaned and sanitized properly. All implements utilized in nail treatments undergo hospital grade sterilization for your safety to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. What cannot be sterilized is safely disposed of post-treatment.

Commitment to the Environment: 

We use natural, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning supplies instead of chemical based products. Use halogen, LED or low-voltage track lighting in the store. Use power strips in treatment rooms and office areas and turn them off when equipment is not in use. Print all marketing materials on recycled paper, and reuse previously used paper for in-spa memos, notes, scratch paper.

Our Doctors

Dr. Ken Dolynchuk

Trained and board certified in the U.S and Canada, Dr Ken Dolynchuk has been on staff at the University of Manitoba for 27 years. He has published extensively and he is an international expert on wound care. Using Er YAG, NdYAG he has brought new hope to patients with visible scars. His invention of Fibrostat brings the potential for preventing unsightly scars in surgical and trauma patients. He continues to work on bringing innovation to keloid scar therapy with the use of 5 FU injection and ProFractional laser treatments.

Having over a decade of experience with Ultrasonic Liposuction, Dr. Dolynchuk recently began using VASER Liposelection® achieving better results in cellulite and body contouring patients. Dr Dolynchuk cares for his patients with the traditional bed-side manner of a competent compassionate physician while providing state of the art technological capability to all areas of his clinical repetoire.

His clinical practice has expanded into British Columbia at Mirror&Co Aesthetic Group, and soon into California as well.


Dr. Fatemeh Totounchian

At Mirror and Co.  Aesthetic Group our staff are devoted to making you the best version of yourself. Dr. Fatemeh Totounchian is a family physician graduated from UBC holding MD and CCFP degree and a member of good standing with BCMA, CMA, CPSBC. In addition she is a certified Medical Accupuncturist. She has established her own office in Vancouver where she cares for more than 5,000 patients both cosmetically and medically. Helping patients reach their full potential is what led her practice to evolve to include both skin and aesthetic medicine. Her unique interest in cosmetics along with her extensive medical knowledge and skillset is what allows her to serve as a Medical Director at Mirror and Co. Aesthetic Group.

With ten years of cosmetic medicine practice under her belt, Dr. Totounchian is well capable in her aesthetic practice. Dr. Totounchian was quick to respond to her patients demand for cosmetic procedures as she now works with dermal fillers, neuromodulator toxins (Botox, Dysport), laser treatments, cosmetic acupuncture and mesotherapy. She keeps up with the constant change in the field of aesthetic medicine by attending international medical conferences, as well as upgrading her skills with the emergence of new technologies. In her own words, “I believe aesthetic medicine is an art. The goal with my art is to inspire you, the patient, to look and feel your best both inside and out.”