A combination of factors such as lifestyle, hormones, heredity and age can contribute to the formation of excess fullness under the chin. Also known as Kybella® in the U.S., Belkyra™ is a substance called deoxycholic acid, which emulates the acid naturally created by the liver that aids in the digestion of fat. When Belkyra™ is administered, there is a dramatic reduction of fat under the skin, creating a slim and defined jawline.

How it works

When administered to the unwanted fat that creates a double chin, deoxycholic acid helps the body to metabolize and filter away this fat.

Procedure Time
15 – 30 minutes

Micro droplet injection

Topical numbing cream and ice

Recovery Time
Swelling for up to 1 week

Discomfort Level
None to mild

Venus Freeze  - chin fat reduction  

Reduce wrinkles and rhytides around the neck area for a noticeably younger-looking appearance.

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