• Non-surgical method to achieve a more V-shaped face
  • The face appears slimmer without lateral bulk
  • Reduces the look of chubby cheeks or a round face
  • Superb relief for those that clench or grind their teeth (Bruxism)


By relaxing the masseter muscle (the main jaw muscle) with BOTOX® the masseter becomes softer and less bulky. Consequently the face becomes slimmer and more triangular. A V-shaped face is very feminine and appears more youthful. For those who only desire treatment of TMJ pain or bruxism, smaller amounts of BOTOX® are used which should not reduce the size of the masseter, but only the strength of the masseter.


Most patients state that facial slimming results become evident between 3 to 6 weeks after the treatment. Remember that you have taken years to build those muscles so it may take time to slim them.

Recommended Sessions
Repeat treatment twice a year.